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IHA brings voice, value and visibility to the legislative and congressional arenas to ensure quality healthcare for Idahoans. As a trusted and credible resource on healthcare, IHA advocates for policies that improve access and quality.

We strive to provide legislators and lawmakers with the critical data and information they need to make informed decisions on local healthcare affecting their constituents.

Key Legislative Efforts

Funding and sideboards for the voter passed Medicaid Expansion will be a key issue for the Legislature this year. As of mid-March many hours of testimony have been heard by House and Senate committees nearly unanimously in support of passing “clean” Medicaid Expansion. While Gov. Little proposed and JFAC (the joint funding committee of the Legislature) passed a budget for expansion, there are still many trying to circumvent the will of the voters. Sideboards are being proposed, most of which in IHA’s view would eliminate people from the option of Medicaid or would create expensive bureaucratic red tape. For the latest on Medicaid Expansion, visit our News articles

IHA is negotiating with the Idaho Association of Counties and others about practices which have prisoners in city or county jail being furloughed to seek medical care at community hospitals then taken back into custody. This is often leaving the costs of that care on the hospital’s doorstep as opposed to being the responsibility of the local sheriff.

IHA is supporting the Governor’s proposal of expanded funding for existing residencies ($40,000 per resident) as well as new residencies being funded at $60,000. This will benefit the 18 residents at the Kootenai FMR program ($90,000), the 10 existing and 10 new residents at EIRMC ($650,000), and the existing and one new resident at Bingham Internal Medicine ($120,000).

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