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IHA brings voice, value and visibility to the legislative and regulatory arenas to ensure quality healthcare for Idahoans. As a trusted and credible resource on healthcare, IHA advocates for policies that improve access and quality. We strive to provide legislators and policymakers with the critical data and information they need to make informed decisions affecting their constituents.

Staff Contacts

Toni Lawson
Greg Morrison
Brian Whitlock

Hospitals 101 Resource

This IHA resource is a great tool for those new to or just learning about Idaho hospitals. Community leaders, trustees, and others can discover the basics of hospital operations, how the reimbursement system works in Idaho, and what other factors influence healthcare delivery.

No Surprises Act Resources

Implemented by Congress in January, the No Surprises Act established new patient protections against balance billing as well as other price and coverage transparency provisions. These new federal regulations change the billing environment and some aspects of the law have yet to be enacted. To help hospitals stay informed and adhere to the new rules, IHA will update this resource and guidance section routinely. 

Updated as of March 25, 2022, this guidance touches on continuity of care, public disclosures, protections against balance billing, good faith estimates, and more.

A quick reference on when and who should receive Good Faith Estimates.

The Idaho Department of Insurance is the governing body assigned to enforce provisions of the No Surprises Act. In March, they shared this presentation with IHA members.

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Legislative Advisors:

Toni Lawson – Vice President, Government Relations
Greg Morrison, Vice President, External Relations
Brian Whitlock – President/CEO