Since 1976, IHAPAC (the Idaho Hospital Association Political Action Committee) has been a strong political voice for Idaho hospitals and health systems. Together with our partners at the American Hospital Association PAC, we are dedicated to helping elect those who understand the importance of our community hospitals. We focus on candidates for state office while the AHAPAC focuses on Congressional candidates.

A strong political action committee is integral to an effective advocacy program. Interest groups from many disciplines compete to have their voices heard, and hospitals and health systems need to be at the forefront of the debate.

Supporting candidates who care about health care is good for Idaho. IHAPAC provides support to candidates who demonstrate a commitment to Idaho’s community hospitals. Collectively, we provide a stronger voice for hospitals and health care concerns than any single voice.

IHAPAC is an independent, autonomous organization not affiliated with any political party. It is directed by the people who serve Idaho hospitals.

IHAPAC Challenge

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on the hospital community, we will not have an IHAPAC competition this year. We appreciate any contribution you can make. We look forward to coming back even stronger in 2021!

The donation window is now closed. We hope we can count on your support in 2021. 

2019 PAC Challenge Awards

Gritman Medical Center
North RLC
North RLC

Members Meeting or Exceeding 2019 Goals