Registry Services

Cancer Data Registry of Idaho (CDRI)

CDRI is a population-based registry collecting incidence and survival data on all cancer patients who reside, are diagnosed, or are treated for cancer in Idaho. Population-based registries are essential for assessing the extent of cancer burden in a specific geographic area.

A nationally recognized Gold Standard Registry, CDRI collects data to monitor trends and patterns of incidence, survival, and early detection over time; identify high risk populations; serve as a resource for conducting epidemiologic studies; and, provide data to assist public health officials, hospital administrators, and physicians to effectively plan services and prioritize health resource allocations.

To access annual reports, geographic area reports and other statistical data visit:

Time Sensitive Emergency Registry (TSE)

The TSE Registry collects statewide data on trauma, stroke, and STEMI to assist public health officials, hospitals, EMS and others in identifying areas of improvement, best practices and prevention. This resource is critical in prioritizing resource allocation across Idaho.

The registry provides the data necessary to analyze the incidence, severity, causes, and costs to identify areas where system improvements are needed by analyzing the outcomes of victims of a trauma, stroke, or STEMI.