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Compliance education is a fundamental part of health care. A regulatory requirement, compliance education also contributes to safer working environments for employees, lowers organizational liabilities, and can greatly improve the patient experience.

Keeping compliance education timely, making it convenient for employees, and providing the ability to track completions with ease makes online training a go-to resource in today’s fast-paced environment.

Nearly 20 years ago, IHA, along with more than 40 other hospital associations, formed careLearning – a non-profit compliance education service. The goal is to provide member hospitals with a trusted entity they could depend on for excellent customer service, reliable content, and affordable pricing.

A Trusted Learning Management System

Today, careLearning’s economical learning management system package includes 29 compliance courses, 41 continuing education courses covering five disciplines, and the ability to track both live events and expirations of licensures and certifications. This package also offers organizations the freedom to create/customize courses at no extra cost, as well as access to a library of more than 7,000 courses written by other careLearning users.

careLearning removes the compliance education burden from staff by keeping all compliance and CE courses in the learning management system package timely and up to date; courses will always keep pace with all regulatory changes.

Current courses that reflect recent regulatory changes include:  emergency preparedness, the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals standard in terms of hazardous communication, safe injection practices, patient’s rights to visitation, reporting changes needed for using restraints, new Joint Commission requirements for medical radiation safety, CMS changes to health care compliance, and the encouragement of the use of non-opioid pharmaceuticals for pain management.

careLearning has not raised user rates since its inception. Features and offerings have grown over the years, but client costs remain static.

“Passport” for Rotations

careLearning also offers the “Passport” program to assist organizations in keeping clinical rotation students compliant. Students pay a flat $10 fee per year for this service, which allows them to report to any hospital accepting Passport as a part of its orientation program. This reduces their need to repeat the same course content at every location, and it verifies to each organization that orientation course work is complete. Passport is free for both hospitals and schools, and hospitals can upload additional content to supplement the curriculum, if desired. Thousands of students take advantage of this easy, inexpensive way to prepare for their rotations each year

Hospitals value the fact that students come to them properly prepared, and colleges say they appreciate the reduced coordination needed from facility to facility. careLearning maintains high customer service scores, with 97 percent of clients providing the highest rating on their annual surveys.

For more information about careLearning or Passport, contact or call 866.617.3904.