Trustee of the Year

Darrel Anderson ~ Saint Alphonsus Health System

Darrel Anderson is an amazing yet incredibly humble leader, who has honored and wonderfully served Saint Alphonsus and the community with a long tenure of service on the Saint Alphonsus Health System Board, from 2010-2019. As a Saint Alphonsus Board member and Board Chair, Darrel has made a lasting impact and set a strong tone for the future of health care at Saint Alphonsus and in Idaho. In short, Darrel was a dedicated, innovative, communicative and truly legendary Board Chair for Saint Alphonsus.

At Saint Alphonsus, during his tenure as a Board member and Board Chair, Darrel ably governed to solidify Saint Alphonsus’ position as a trusted provider of health care services in the community. He presided as Chair over many Saint Alphonsus initiatives promoting community health and healing. He extended excellence in governance leadership through many challenges and exciting and positive changes – including construction of Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Nampa’s new hospital, the Saint Alphonsus Health Alliance Clinically Integrated Network, and new joint ventures, including Saint Alphonsus Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.

As Saint Alphonsus Health System Board Chair, he spent countless hours before, during and after Board meetings reading and thinking about how to present information to the Board regarding strategy and operations. Every one of his fellow Board members valued him for his dedication, for making meetings better organized, synthesized and meaningful, and for personally calling and connecting with them as issues warranted. He demonstrated great respect for his wonderful colleagues on the Board and valued the process of collecting all their opinions to get to the right result, in service of our mission of community service. Darrel set both a standard and a tone for the future leadership after his service ended, and for which Saint Alphonsus remains grateful.

It has been said, "Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another." By this description, Darrel Anderson epitomizes leadership: In his professional and personal life, and as Saint Alphonsus Board Chair, Darrel is an incredible influencer and widely informally regarded as “The CEO of the Moment” in Idaho. The Idaho Business Review formally recognized him as the “CEO of Influence” in 2016. Darrel has many admirers in all walks of life, including his Idaho Power colleagues, neighbors, and members of the community with whom he comes into contact. He is always engaged in efforts to connect, always trying to bring people “up” and help them through his connection. It has also been said that "to add value to others, one must first value others," and Darrel’s respect of his fellow human beings is one reason why Darrel added incredible value to Saint Alphonsus, to Idaho Power, and to the community. You will often find Darrel, IDACORP CEO, Idaho Power President, out and about in his Levi’s and boots, greeting, encouraging and rewarding colleagues, out on the front lines in Idaho. He values every person with whom he works, in whatever capacity, and he makes this clear.

It is not surprising that this incredible man who has been a gift to Saint Alphonsus in service of their mission got his professional start working for the Sisters of Saint Mary of Oregon in 1996. In reality, he actually started at Deloitte & Touche LLP 1979-1995 and joined the Sisters in Oregon in 1996, but the Sisters surely claim him. Darrel is a tried and true Oregon Beaver, graduating from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. He also completed the Harvard Graduate School of Business Advanced Management Program.

Darrel has selflessly given his time, talent and treasure to Saint Alphonsus and to other causes in the community, although he maintains incredible humility about his contributions. Another one of his cherished causes for community healing is the Women's and Children's Alliance (WCA), where he served a long tenure as WCA Board member and Chair. As WCA Board Chair, Darrel was willing to share his personal story at the WCA annual breakfast, which set the stage for other community leaders to come forward to share their own stories of childhood trauma. He helped remove the stigma and encouraged people to get involved and support the WCA as well as to personally seek help they needed. To this day folks that attended that breakfast refer to it as "the year Darrel spoke,”. In addition, Darrel assembled a governance sub team, which successfully raised $1.8 million in a capital campaign to build the WCA a second shelter for victims, which has been a critical improvement to the WCA’s ability to meet community needs.

On top of being “book smart”, and a fierce corporate CEO and Board Chair for Saint Alphonsus and other organizations with missions of healing, everyone who knows Darrel can attest Darrel is just an incredibly “cool” person. He puts his all into the causes he believes in, like taking care of people whether it be his customers, or his Saint Alphonsus patients, victims of domestic violence or his precious Idaho home. It is no surprise that most recently, Governor Little asked Darrel to lead an economic rebound advisory committee to help the state’s economy safely and efficiently rebound from the impact of the necessary shutdown due to COVID-19. Darrel accepted this challenge to contribute his leadership to this challenge, leading the efforts of 30 business leaders from across the state. Saint Alphonsus is forever grateful to Darrel.