Junior Volunteer

Martina Hicks ~ Kootenai Health

The desire to volunteer and help your community isn’t something that has to wait until one is of “certain age.” That is clearly evident by the number of teen volunteers throughout Idaho’s hospitals. Last week, the Idaho Hospital Association honored one of these young volunteer leaders as the 2020 Junior Volunteer of the Year.

Martina Hicks has been a teen volunteer at Kootenai Health since 2018. In her short time, she has worked in many areas of the hospital over hundreds of hours, but finds the most joy in the people she is surrounded by. In an essay, she talks about the light that employees, fellow volunteers, patients and their families bring to her life. She loves learning from and working with those she calls “outstanding humans” and wants to grow to be more like them.

Martina was part of Coeur d’Alene High’s championship golf team, is an exceptional student, and has been an active community volunteer.

Since Martina is away at college, Governor Little presented her the award during a virtual presentation from Boise. He noted that, “It’s young people like Martina that make Idaho’s future so bright.”

In fact, the Governor was so impressed with Martina’s commitment and generosity, he asked IHA’s President and CEO, Brian Whitlock to consider increasing the scholarship she is to receive. IHA is pleased to double the scholarship for Martina this year and proud to call her IHA’s 2020 Junior Volunteer of the Year.